Project Goals


The goals of The New-Humans Project are to:

  • Report and analyze new advances in artificial intelligence and longevity enhancement technologies from a diverse range of fields and sub-disciplines in order to discover new connections, and novel solutions to key global problems.
  • Encourage public awareness about the real dangers to the planet in the form of a devastating asteroid impact and a catastrophic rise in sea level.
  • Form the New-Humans Institute to bring together the most innovative thinkers to address the concerns raised by the New-Humans Project.
  • Form a social movement of citizens worldwide to ensure that world governments work together to find and fund coordinated planetary defense systems.
Project Approach


The Transformation section offers speculative articles on topics ranging from dark energy to artificial intelligence and the Singularity with a focus on the social, economic, and environmental impacts of new technologies that offer dramatic increases in human longevity.

The Planetropia Society is devoted to understanding the complex issues related to asteroid collisions and global warming related sea level rising.  Novel solutions will be explored and presented.  The research in this section will lay the foundation for a forthcoming book about the future.

Metamorphosis Chronicles employs science fiction to visualize the future of Transformation and Planetropia. MET CHRON starts in the years shortly before the Singularity and explores a distant future in which artificial and natural life struggle to coexist. The scenes and issues are those suggested by the articles in Transformation and Planetropia. The idea is to bring to life the impacts and workings of new technological developments shrouded in obscurity and draw connections from the smallest to the largest dimensions.

The New-Humans Cosmos Store offers a special selection of items of interest to New-Humans Project participants and supporters. This is an important source of support to the New-Humans Project and we thank you for your participation. Check out the special supplements that are produced by Ray Kurzweil, founder of  Singularity University.

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